Philipp Steinacher

Interaction Designer

Hello, I’m an Interaction Designer from Berlin, Germany.
I design and build Interfaces and Services.

In the past I've worked at companies like frog design and as a freelancer. Currently I'm a full time designer at Microsoft, envisioning new meeting experiences in the Office Product Group.

I speak the language of a designer and a developer to create carefully thought through experiences that enhance peoples lives.

By combining my insights in Design and Software Development I can shape product development from the first draft, over prototypes up to the final delivery. With a good understanding of different software platforms I can make well-informed decisions during the design process.
While I have a passion for the design and development of mobile applications, I also work on web application, design research and service design. Another area of interest is the design of physical interfaces since they allow more tangible interactions than displays.


Most of my work is in the area of mobile applications. I had the chance to contribute to several small and large apps that are used by a great number of people every day.


My design process is heavily influenced by prototyping. The ability to code allows me to create low fidelity or native prototypes and quickly test different interactions and flows.


Besides Mobile, the web is the second platform that I'm excited about since it allows to build tools and services that are available to an incredible amount of people.

Tangible Interactions

Physical Interactions allow us to immerse ourselves in information on a completely different level. It's a great space to think about how we absorb information and interact with them apart from pixels.

Designing for inclusion

We all have limits to our abilities — physical, social, emotional and cognitive. How can we design to embrace these universal things that make us human, but also create solutions that are highly adaptive to an individual person?

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A smart, visual diary

Revue is a diary app for iPhone that captures important life events by itself and encourages people to extend it with their own memories.

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Public Transportation with Friends

Pendlr allows you to easily check in into public transportation and share your route with your friends. It’s a new way to travel together.

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Pendlr Stream Screenshot
Pendlr Stream Screenshot

Soccer for the half time break

Is there anything better than enjoying a match of soccer together with your friends? TapKick is a local multiplayer soccer game, so gather your friends around your iPad.

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Feel free to drop me a line. I’m looking for new opportunities starting early 2017. In the meantime don’t hesitate to contact us at for freelance design work and consultancy in Berlin or remotely.